Honouring our dear, sweet Princess!

“Yesterday Dad brought you home for a “sleepover”… a caring soul had brought you into the hospital needing a new family to love her…

Yesterday you won our hearts immediately and became OUR LOVE!

Yesterday we know you were sorry when you chewed on the backs of our toddler shoes, as you carried them around the house…we know you were just lovin’ on us!

Yesterday you hopped onto our beds for story time, before tucking us in and curling up in your little bed for the night.

Yesterday you got into your little carrier, ready to go to work with Dad for the day.

Yesterday you rocked your role as receptionist and greeter at Princess Animal Hospital, begging for treats from each and every person who came in!

Yesterday you were there every time any one of us were having a tough day, purring and kneading on us, and filling us up with your sweet love! You tucked us all in every night, and were there when we woke up every morning!

Yesterday you were always waiting by the door for us when we came home, full of purrs and snuggles-to-come!
Yesterday you were so patient, waiting for us while we had our family adventures, even though we could’t take you.

Yesterday we KNOW that when both of us went off to school, and Mum & Dad were “empty-nesters”, you changed your patterns from sleeping in your little bed, to sleeping by Mum & Dad’s heads in bed, making sure to let out a sweet little“mew” to let them know you were there when they changed positions.

Yesterday, a few months back, actually, you were sick, and we thought we had to say goodbye, but Daddy helped make you feel much better again, and you gave us several more months of your love.

Yesterday you were not feeling well, and Mom & Dad were racing home from Halifax, to give you one last snuggle while they let you go, but they didn’t want you to suffer, so they called us and we all agreed that it was time.

Yesterday we let you go. We were devastated that we couldn’t be there, but we were so happy that your PAH family were by your side, to snuggle you for us!

You were the BEST kitty ever, and your presence is already missed tremendously!!!

We love you, Princess!

Noah, Dad, Mum & Nicholas

Pet Nail Trim Donation to Sandy Pines:

We are proud to report that Pet Nail Trim Donations for Sandy Pines for the 3rd Quarter 2018 in the amount of $1313.53. Our next charity until Decem-ber 31, 2018 is Farley Foundation.

Welcome to Jessica, RVT!

Jessica graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at Georgian Col-lege in 2017.

She grew up in Barrie and recently moved to Kingston, where she continues to work extensively with local animal rescues and fosters sick, injured, and very young cats, something she has done for the majority of her life.

She has a special place in her heart for reptiles as well as her own two cats, Electra and Lux, pictured here with her.

Surgery with Less Pain and Faster Recovery? YES! We offer Laparoscopic Surgery at Princess Animal Hospital!

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