Nate is a three year old neutered male rabbit who came in to see us for flaking skin on his ears.He was not itchy, at all.

Dr. Lang performed skin scrapings and diagnosed a common fur mite in rabbits, Cheyletiella parasitovorax (“walking dandruff”).

The mite is called “walking dandruff” because the white-ish mites crawl across the skin and fur, and cause excessive flaky skin on a rabbit. Infested rabbits spread it to other rabbits, and this highly contagious, non-burrowing mite can also live short periods of time in the environment!

Quite often, an infested rabbit may show no obvious signs of walking dandruff (Cheyletiellosis), meaning it may or may not be itchy — but a common telltale sign is excessive “dandruff”, or large white flakes of skin over their shoulders, or just above their tail, over their back and hind end.

In addition, you may see hair loss on the rabbit, especially behind the neck, between the shoulder blades.

Nate had a play date with another rabbit who also had some flaky skin, so he may have contracted it from his buddy.

Nate is being been treated for the mites and is doing well at home with his family!