During these warm months, most dogs enjoy some extra time outdoors in the sun.  Often, we see them snapping at flies or bees that are being annoying and landing on our poor pups. While many owners feel bad for Fido having to deal with the annoyance, there are actually some things to be concerned about.

We see a lot of allergic reactions in pets, due to insect bites and stings from spiders, bees and wasps. Many times, the reaction can be quite mild and be limited to some mild pain and swelling at the side. However, we can also see more severe reactions, where there will be swelling of the face, drooling, hives and itchiness.

If this happens to your pet, be sure to seek treatment at an animal hospital as soon as you can. In these cases, one of our friendly doctors at Princess Animal Hospital, will want to treat with an antihistamine injection, and possibly an anti-inflammatory. If your pet has had a reaction in the past, you may want to keep some antihistamines on hand at your home. Please always consult with your veterinarian first, to make sure you give the correct dosage based on your pet’s weight and the type of medication you have.

Here are some pictures of a good friend of ours here at Princess Animal Hospital.

This is Mojo, when he had an allergic reaction recently. He had considerable swelling to his entire face.

Once treated with an injection of an antihistamine, and a steroid, he was feeling better in no time!


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