Halloween is a fun time for the entire family – including your dog. But there can also be some potential dangers for you four legged friend. Keep these tips in mind during the Halloween season!

Halloween Candy

  • Chocolate candy can be very toxic for your dog.
  • Artificially sweetened candy and gum can contain xylitol, a highly toxic substance for dogs.
  • Dogs can ingest food wrappers which can cause choking, vomiting or stomach/intestinal blockage
  • If you cannot keep your dog away from these potential hazards, consider confining your pet to a kennel or to another area of the house during the festivities.

Halloween decorations

  • Power cords if chewed can cause electrical shock
  • Make sure decorations will not be chewed or ingested by your dog.
  • Be careful with placement of jack-o-lanterns
  • Candles can be knocked over and cause injury or potentially start a fire


  • Some dogs can be fearful of strangers coming to your door, especially if they are dressed up in costume.
  • Constant ringing of the doorbell or knocking at the door can cause anxiety or over-excitement.
  • Separate your dog from the front door with a baby gate or place her in another area of the house. When inviting guests into your home, introduce them to your dog, but don’t hesitate to remove your dog from the common area if she seems scared or unsure.

Halloween Costumes for dogs

  • Some dogs enjoy getting dressed up. Other dogs become scared and uncomfortable when put in a costume. You can try and start by placing a simple piece of clothing on your dog and see how she reacts. If your dog does not like it at all, don’t push the issue.
  • While dressing your dog up in a costume, make sure it fits appropriately and that it is not too tight or too loose.
  • Due to potential hazards while in costume, make sure to supervise your dog at all times.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!!!