This is Daisy, a 10 year old cattle dog. She had a mass removed from her left front leg just under a year ago. It was diagnosed as a hemangiopericytoma.

These types of tumours tend to be locally aggressive and invade the blood vessels, which makes them difficult to remove completely. Knowing this, we knew it was a matter of time before it grew back but the hope was that it would take a long time to regrow.

Unfortunately, last month, due to the tumour growing back to its original size, we opted to do a forelimb amputation.

It has now been about 3-4 weeks and Daisy is doing better each day! She is gaining strength, but also enjoys being shuttled around, as you can see in the picture, above.

A front leg amputation is harder for pets than a back leg amputation, and being 10 is another obstacle she must face. However, Daisy has been brave and happy throughout it all and is determined to show us all that age is just a number and that dogs have 3 legs and a spare!

Keep up the great work, Daisy!  613-634-7123  613-634-2440