Keeta’s Grain-Free Diet put her at Risk!

There has been a lot of media attention regarding the recent FDA report that suggests a link between grain free diets and the development of Heart Disease in dogs. Sadly, we recently diagnosed our first case of suspected nutritional dilated cardiomyopathy (heart failure, caused by feeding grain-free diets). Keeta, a four year old Golden Retriever, [...]

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Pluto is back to feeling FINE!

Pluto, our favourite gentle giant, recently came to see us, as he was peeing blood. After some testing, Dr. Lang diagnosed Pluto with bacterial prostatitis (inflammation/infection of the prostate). Intact males are at a greater risk for this disease, along with other prostatic diseases like an enlarged prostate. At the time, Pluto’s blood testing showed [...]

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Maple advises: Never Underestimate the Importance of your Pet’s Dental and the BONUS Snuggles you get after!

Please never underestimate the importance of your pet’s dental and oral health, and never overlook the important role that dental radiography has in helping to achieve and maintain that good health. Maple was in for a dental cleaning recently, and she enjoyed lots of post-dental snuggles! Call one of our professional healthcare team members, now, [...]

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Bartlett’s Mom saved Bartlett’s life by thinking fast and acting quickly!

Meet Bartlett! Bartlett’s Mom was gifted a beautiful lily plant for Easter and, thanks to a similar post to this one, she learned that lilies are highly toxic and potentially fatal to cats! When she realized Bartlett ate some of her lily plant, she reacted quickly and brought him into our clinic for immediate treatment. [...]

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There’s No Stopping Gus!

A few weeks ago, Gus came in to visit Dr. Ouellet. At only 8 months old, this energetic boy jumped down the stairs to go play outside, and slipped on the ice. Unfortunately he ended up fracturing his leg in the worst spot possible! After a trip to the specialist, it was recommended that an [...]

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The Adventures of Nate and his Brush with “Walking Dandruff”!

Nate is a three year old neutered male rabbit who came in to see us for flaking skin on his ears.He was not itchy, at all. Dr. Lang performed skin scrapings and diagnosed a common fur mite in rabbits, Cheyletiella parasitovorax ("walking dandruff"). The mite is called "walking dandruff" because the white-ish mites crawl across [...]

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